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Printable versions of the rabbit record-keeping forms:
Breeding cycle circular calculator
(Print the calculator on cover-stock paper).
Doe cage card
Buck record and barn chores headings

See my Rabbit Recipes - includes how to cut up a rabbit.
EAT MORE RABBIT! Rabbit, unlike poultry, has the complete balance of amino acids required by human nutrition and unlike ruminants, does not emit methane. This is the meat of the future which you can raise at home, avoiding emissions from food transportation.

Breeding stock for sale! Ready-to-breed does and bucks, pairs or trios.
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Presently have available 6-month-old does and bucks, ready to breed,
does, $10/mo. of age; bucks $12/mo. of age.

Past editions of ISSN 1206-4122: Pan-American Rabbit Science Newsletter, 1996-2006 are available at the National Library of Canada, or you may order all issues combined in one big volume as a .pdf(A) file. This is an amazing reference on rabbit science. It is 498 pages with 367,240 words! PDF file is 9,915 KB. Order now, $30. See Mail Page for address. Check out the Table of Contents to see what is in it.

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