Can we please do News differently?

Society has come to accept as "that's just the way things are" the misery caused around the world by the workings of the male brain. Take a big item first- nuclear weapons, their development and eventual (yes) deployment. Society did not keep an eye on "what are the guys building out in the garage" and the result has not been good. So many other things in the world can be traced back to this same problem. The Holocaust was a predecessor of the development of nuclear weapons along the same pathway of male-brain error. Is it merely coincidence that the gradual increase in the destructive power of war tracks the gradual failing of the Y chromosome?

Consider climate change- the net result is that the human species is screwed, since collectively they are incapable of understanding their predicament. Or perhaps that is wrong, perhaps just half the human species is screwed, that being the male half, meaning that for this species to survive, all the hard work must be done by women to avoid "going down with the ship". Why does that sound familiar? Why must the women and children keep being the victims?

The big problem with women needing to do the hard work, is that women world-wide have endured the largest gas-lighting job in history, as the male part of the species becomes more defective, they increase the global effort to subjugate and devalue women in a pathetic attempt to maintain patriarchal power. But the patriarch has clay feet and should be toppled. Can women be liberated from this oppression and get hold of the reins of power? That is humanity's only hope. No, I don't accept a concept that women are genetically incapable of being tyrants, and for those who believe otherwise, I have a two-word answer and a three-word answer - Margaret Thatcher and Kelly Anne Conway.

Could we please have a paradigm shift in the way News is reported? First the real News, followed by a (labelled) section of male-problem News, and that would include all items that can be linked directly and indirectly to male sources. This would include (among other things) everything about Trump, Netanyahu, Putin, government secrecy, nuclear arms and power generation, tar sands, pipelines, money markets, finance, military, murders, gang warfare, and most other violence and crime. It is difficult for society to act on the problem until the problem is identified and labelled, after that can follow containment. It has been a difficult problem to identify for a couple reasons - cis-women have at best only a second-hand knowledge of the workings of male brains (I don't have that problem), and people in general have been conditioned (as mentioned above) to accept all the badness in the world as just they way things are.

But "things" don't have to be that way, it all has to stop. Imagine, if we found life on another planet and the creatures were acting as our humans are doing - fighting, warring, killing, destroying their very means of life support - that would be the last place you would ever want to visit. But we have seen those creatures, and they are us (thank you, Pogo). Can we ever get over this?

An important component of some computer protection systems is that they set aside a part of the computer system to be a computer-within-a-computer; which they call a "sandbox". Then a new program intended to run on the main computer, can first be run in the sandbox, so that it is contained and can be studied for bad behaviour, before being tried on the main system.

For the rest of history, the male brain problem needs to run in a sandbox, where it can play but not further damage society and the world.

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Written by Kathleen McCroskey

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